A Partial Heart

My directorial debut, a film entitled, A Partial Heart premiered in April of 2016.

In the age of elaborate visual effects, fast cutting, stereotypical characters, and unrealistic stories, cinema has largely evolved into a spectacle of entertainment. But that doesn’t have to be the case. And it shouldn’t.

It’s no secret that cinema holds great power. Yes, it certainly holds the power to entertain. But it also holds the power to educate and empower. And herein lay its greatest utility: the unique ability to highlight an issue and compel change. That is the motivation behind, and purpose of, A Partial Heart

The short film revolves around James. He’s a young man who’s never been close to his father, Ellis. But one day, James receives word that Ellis was recently admitted into the hospital. And though James is stubborn, his girlfriend, Vanessa, convinces him to go visit for the weekend. While there, James must determine if he can truly mend their relationship.

A Partial Heart centers on the issue of alcoholism and its effect on family. It explores the life and mindset of an alcoholic. But it also exhibits the frustration and heartbreak of those affected. The overarching message of the film is simple. And it’s one that needs to be heard: everyone needs love.

You can’t change the past. But you can change the future. You can’t change people. But what you can do is give them love, tell them that you’re there for them, and hope for the best.



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